Beckett & Robb

One Embarcadero Center - Street Level

Who We Are
Beckett & Robb makes clothing for men who want world-class
products at a fair price. We don’t use middlemen to source or to sell our
products. We’ve spent a lot of time pounding the pavement to make that
possible. We value quality and design, which is why we make everything in
Western Europe. We believe in being transparent about how we make products, and
are happy to talk about the origin of all materials used, where we manufacture,
and the work environment for our tailors. We’re a quality-driven brand that
makes luxury products accessible.

Why We’re In This Business

We love great products, from design to finish. We’ve designed
and sourced for years, even before B&R. We decided to apply our passion to
something we really cared about. We chose tailored clothing not only because
it’s at the apex of menswear, but mostly because we love to wear suits and
great shoes.

Why We Believe B&R is Different

We believe we offer more “bang for the buck” than any
other menswear brand in America and elsewhere. We’ve been fortunate to spend a
lot of time traveling and shopping at home and abroad. It’s inspirational, but
the prices many luxury brands charge are astronomical. One of our main
objectives is to bring that level of
luxury back to earth. To do this we had to approach the business differently.

We design every product ourselves, then seek out and partner
with some of the best factories in Europe. We don’t cut corners. We buy the
best materials, trimming, and construction available,
and we obsess over the details with our tailors and pattern makers. We do this
without the use of brokers, agents or distributors. No middlemen means that we
are paying the lowest raw cost possible, without sacrificing quality. We also
sell our products directly to our customers in company-owned shops. We don’t
have selling agents or wholesale our products to other retailers. We essentially
sell our products at wholesale to the public. By shortening the supply chain,
we are able to offer a product for 50-80% below what similar products sell for
after they go through normal retail channels. More of your dollar goes to the
actual construction of your purchase than anywhere wholesalers are

We produce our clothing and accessories in the same facilities
as the largest and most well-known European and American luxury brands. We
can’t get away with charging the prices they charge,
nor do we want to. Our goal is to bring world-class luxury to our customers at
affordable prices. Luxury brands have a heritage and reputation (and overhead)
that helps justify their prices. We’re thrilled to build to the same standards
and with the same people, and then sell for a much more reasonable mark up. In
the long run it works for us and we know it works for our clients.

Unfortunately the suit industry, including custom suits, is
filled with deceitful practices. Many custom companies prey on what consumers
don’t know about cloth, materials, and how a suit is put together. We are
committed to being totally transparent about our construction techniques,
the materials we use, and the origin of our cloth and trimmings. We believe you
have the right to know, and encourage you to do your homework and read up on
what gives a suit value.

What Inspires Us

All of us at Beckett & Robb remember the first time we put on a B&R suit. It’s exhilarating to have something
made from scratch for you—fine craftsmanship applied to a garment with fit and
details that are all yours. Made expressly for you. We still feel the
excitement and anticipation while waiting for a garment that’s been
commissioned. Well-made and long-lasting products take time to make, especially
when it’s custom. It’s worth it when a product fits and performs over time as
it did when it was new. We are inspired every time we see our clients go
through this experience for the first time, and each subsequent time afterwards
when they have something new made.

We want everyone to have that experience.

Why We Believe Every Man Should Care About This Stuff

To us there isn’t anything insignificant about what we wear. We take how we express ourselves through our
clothing seriously. What you wear is part of what you tell the world about yourself. That message affects how you’re perceived, judged, and treated. All of this makes a difference in personal and professional success. We believe the link between what we wear and how we perform is strong and direct and should be important to anyone who takes their life and business seriously.

That’s how we’re wired. So you can
trust that we’ll take your needs seriously, too. We’re here, ready and eager to help.