Office Leasing Availability

It is said that location is everything – and that everything is to be found here at Embarcadero Center.

  • 360° Incomparable Views
  • 100 Retail Shops and Restaurants
  • 5-Screen Cinema
  • Full Service State-of-the-Art Conference Center
  • Award-Winning Landscaping and Open Space
  • Centrally located at a transportation hub with Bart, Muni, Cable Cars, Historic Trolleys, Golden Gate Ferry Terminal and buses, and the Bay Bridge nearby
  • Ample parking located underground in each building provides nearly 2,200 parking spaces
  • Two Adjacent Hotels

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Building Floor Rentable Area Date Available Floor Orientation Space Condition
1EC 38 7,695 Dec-18 N, E, S Excellent Views, 17 window-line, private offices (4 corner), kitchens, conference rooms, open areas, closets and double-door entries. Divisible to 3,516 RSF and 4,179 RSF.
34-35 30,878 Now FF Excellent Bay Views. Interconnecting stairway, conference rooms, kitchens, and gym w/showers.  Divisible 15,445 RSF and 15,443 RSF.
28 4,460 Dec-18 W, S Excellent Bay views. 5 window-line, private offices (1 corner), conference room, large workroom/open area, IT room, and kitchen.
16 20,286 Apr-19 FF Excellent Bay Views. 38 window-line, private offices (11 corner), conference rooms, open area, kitchen, IT closet and double door entry.
13 6,272 Now W, S Nice views. 12 private offices (10 window-line, and two corner), two copy/work rooms, open area, and double-door entry. Divisible to 2,112 RSF and 4,160 RSF.
11 6,014 Now N, W Bay and Bridge views. Private office intensive, conference room, and open areas.
7 2,239 Now N, W 3 window-line, private offices (1 corner), conference room, kitchen, open area, and double-door entry.
7 2,301 Now S Nice views. 5 private offices (3 window-line), conference room, kitchen, open area, and double-door entry.
3 4,367 Now N Nice Bay views. 7 private offices (3 window-line), conference room, workroom, kitchen and double-door entry.
2 4,024 Now S, W 9 window-line private offices (2 corner), conference room, kitchen, open area, and IT closet, double-door entry.
2EC 16 4,835 Nov-18 S Great Bay Views. 7 window-line, private offices. Large internal conference room, copy room, and kitchen.
Prom 9,307 Now N, E, W Creative build-out, open work areas, private restrooms, kitchen, storage rooms, IT closet, covered patio, and double-door entry.
3EC 14 1,410 Jan-19 S Excellent City views. 3 window-line private offices, conference room, kitchen, large open area, and double-door entry.
13 9,242 Jan-19 W, S Excellent Views. 18 private offices (10 window-line, 2 corner), 2 conference rooms, 3 copy/work rooms, kitchen, open area, IT/File room, and double-door entry.
4 9,789 Now W, S Excellent City Views. Sixteen private offices. Two conference rooms, kitchen, open area, 2 file/production rooms, double-door entry. Divisible to 4,925 RSF and 4,864 RSF.
Lobby 1,947 Now N, W 2 private, window-line, offices, large open area, coffee bar, and storage.
4EC 37-40 67,719 Now FF Spectacular Bay and Bridge and Bay Views. Varying finishes. 21,962 RSF available June 2019. Divisible.
36 4,309 Now W, S Nice views. 3 private offices (2 window-line, and corner), large conference room, kitchen, IT closet, double-door entry, open area and storage.
34 5,063 Now W, S Excellent views. 5 private, window-line offices, conference room, work room, storage room, and kitchen.
25 21,961 Now FF Excellent Bay and Bridge views, 29 private offices (23 window-line, 13 corner), 3 conference rooms, and 2 kitchens. Divisible to 5,046 RSF, 11,105 RSF and 16,151 RSF.
15 21,795 Now FF Spectacular Bay and Bridge views. Potential Turnkey improvements to include: 42 private offices, 5 conference rooms, open areas and kitchen.