Office Leasing Availability

It is said that location is everything – and that everything is to be found here at Embarcadero Center.

  • 360° Incomparable Views
  • 100 Retail Shops and Restaurants
  • 5-Screen Cinema
  • Full Service State-of-the-Art Conference Center
  • Award-Winning Landscaping and Open Space
  • Centrally located at a transportation hub with Bart, Muni, Cable Cars, Historic Trolleys, Golden Gate Ferry Terminal and buses, and the Bay Bridge nearby
  • Ample parking located underground in each building provides nearly 2,200 parking spaces
  • Two Adjacent Hotels

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Building Floor Rentable Area Date Available Floor Orientation Space Condition
1EC 38 3,516 Dec-18 S, E Nine window-line, private offices (two corner), kitchen, conference room, open area, and double door entry.
32-36 82,253 Mar-18 FF Excellent Bay Views. Interconnecting stairwells, 110 private offices, 21 conference rooms, multiple work areas, kitchen on every floor, and gym w/showers.  Divisible. Can be combined for 100,215 RSF.
31 17,962 Now FF Excellent Bay Views. 26 private offices, two conference rooms, open areas, double-door entry, storage rooms, and two kitchens. Can be combined for 100,215 RSF.
28 4,460 Dec-18  W, S Five window-line, private offices (one corner), conference room, large workroom/open area, IT room, and kitchen.
13 6,272 Now W, S Nice views. 12 private offices (10 window-line, and two corner), two copy/work rooms, open area, and double-door entry. Divisible to 2,112 RSF and 4,160 RSF.
11 6,014 Now N, W Bay and Bridge views. Private office intensive, conference room, open areas.
7 2,301 Now S Nice views. Five private offices (three window-line), conference room, kitchen, open area, and double-door entry.
3 4,367 Now N Nice Bay views. Seven private offices (three window-line), conference room, workroom, kitchen and double door entry.
2EC 16 15,918 Apr-18 N, W Great Bay Views. 18 window-line, private offices (two corner), four conference rooms, copyrooms, server room, large workroom, open areas, and two kitchens. Divisible to 4,835 RSF (available now) and 11,083 RSF (available April 2018).
Prom 9,307 Jul-18 N, E, W New tech build-out, open work areas, private restrooms, kitchen, storage rooms, IT closet, covered patio, and double-door entry.
3EC 23 7,962 Now E, S Excellent Views.  13 private offices (11 window-line, 5 corner), conference rooms, kitchens, open areas and double door entry.  Divisible to 4,218 RSF and 3,744 RSF.
16 2,140 Now E, S Two private, window-line offices, one conference room, kitchen, IT room, and double-door entry.
14 1,840 Mar-18 N Excellent views, two window-line, private offices, one conference room, and IT closet.
13 9,242 Now W, S Excellent Views. 18 private offices (10 window-line, two corner), two conference rooms, three copy/work rooms, kitchen, open area, IT/File room, and double door entry.
11 12,213 Now E, S Nice views. 10 private offices, three kitchens, two conference rooms, and double door entry. Divisible to 4,411 RSF and 7,802 RSF.
6 5,661 Apr-18 N, W Nice Bay Views, brand new creative spec suite, open office area, exposed ceiling, two conference room, open kitchen, storage, IT closet, double door entry.
4 9,789 Now W, S Excellent City Views. Sixteen private offices. Two conference rooms, kitchen, open area, two file/production rooms, double door entry. Divisible to 4,925 RSF and 4,864 RSF.
Prom 4,199 Now N, E, S Four private offices, large open areas, and open kitchen.
Prom 1,323 Now N, E, S One private office, large open area, and double door entry.
Lobby 1,947 Now N, W Two private, window-line, offices, large open area, coffee bar, and storage.
 4EC 39 8,902 Now W, S Nice views. 15 window-line offices (four corner), three conference rooms, storage, work rooms, kitchen, library, double-door entry and open area.
37/38 36,855 Now FF Spectacular Bay and Bridge views. Divisible to 22,484 RSF and 14,371 RSF.
36 4,309 Now W, S Nice views. Three private offices (two window-line, and corner), large conference room, kitchen, IT closet, double-door entry, open area and storage.
34 5,063 Now W, S Excellent views. Five private, window-line offices, conference room, work room, storage room, and kitchen.
26 10,092 Apr-18 W, S, E Excellent Bay views. Excellent Bay views. 15 window-line, private offices (six corner), conference room, one kitchen, IT room, multiple copy/work rooms, open areas, and double-door entry.
25 21,961 Now FF Excellent Bay and Bridge views, 29 private offices (23 window-line, 13 corner), three conference rooms, and two kitchens. Divisible to 5,046 RSF, 11,105 RSF and 16,151 RSF.
15 21,795 Now FF Spectacular Bay and Bridge views. Potential Turnkey improvements to include: 42 private offices, five conference rooms, open areas and kitchen