Crystal Jade

Four Embarcadero Center - Street Level

Crystal Jade Culinary Concepts Holding is a diversified Food &  Beverage group committed to preserving the rich traditions of Chinese  cuisine in contemporary ways. Over the years, Crystal Jade has committed  itself to preserving the fine art of Chinese cuisine – offering a  unique dining experience with exceptional food quality and excellent  customer service in a congenial ambience.

Our fine dining  concepts include traditional Cantonese and Teochew cuisine that have  been relished for generations. You will also find authentic Korean  cuisine and Continental boutique-style cafés as some of our specialty  concepts. Among the diverse casual dining options we offer are  well-loved items such as Lanzhou La Mian and Shanghai favourites,  Cantonese barbecue meat, noodles and congee, Hong Kong Dim Sum as well  as bakeries serving international pastries and breads.

Today, you  will find Crystal Jade restaurants just about everywhere in Singapore.  And with 100 Crystal Jade outlets across 18 cities in 9 countries and  counting, you can take comfort in being able to find our trusted  tradition in many of your travels.

As we strive to spread our  wings far and wide, we work towards winning the hearts of Crystal Jade  customers at home and around the world, so as to serve our mission:  ‘Prepared with love, served from our heart’.

Crystal Jade